Range of works


By means of heat treatment of

  • flame-cut blanks, forging and cast parts
  • rolled products (sheets, slabs, long products)
  • welded constructions
  • machine parts and components

the material and construction characteristics of the processed parts can be considerably improved in many cases.

We have 7 programmable car hearth furnaces at our disposal.
The dimensions are as follows:

  • max. length: 16.500 mm
  • max. width:    6.000 mm
  • max. height:   3.200 mm
  • max. unit weight: 60 t
  • temperature up to 1000 °C
Our service range includes

Stress-relieved annealing
This method enables you to achieve a balance of tension for parts manufactured in the course of irregular heating, welding or cutting processes.
The temperature at stress-relieved annealing is between 550-650°C.

Normalising process
The normalising process serves for the purpose of bringing irregular or coarse-grained structures into a normal, that is, regular and fine-grained condition. In addition, the work parts are slowly brought to the temperature (above the transition temperature) so that the structure transforms into austenite and the cementite dissolves.
The austenite transforms into the fine-grained pearlitic structure during cooling-down. The temperature during normalising is between 800-950°C.

Further heat treatment processes
according to programming temperature – time curve
(e.g. soft-annealing, intermediate annealing u.a.)


Annealing furnace 4


Annealing furnace 2


Annealing furnace 1