Range of works

Flame Cutting

We own 4 CNC autogenous flame cutting facilities with several burner units each and with a continuously pivoted bevel unit for manufacturing of bevels on contour parts or on inside contours and for weld preparation.

Supplementary we own 1 plasma- and 1 laser cutting facilities with a continuously pivoted bevel bevel.

Standard sizes:
Max. length: 15,000 mm
Max. width:    3,200 mm
Thickness:      5-650 mm
Max. unit weight: 30 tons

All flame-cut blanks are finely honed and burred, also chamfered if requested. Cutting, drilling and threading complete our range of services in the machining of components.
Special grades are pre-heated if required.

All machines are networked with the central programming work stations.

We are cutting according to DIN EN 10029,
DIN EN ISO 9013-IIB or -IA.
Other tolerances can be arranged if required.
Tolerance classes (*pdf)

This is an interaction of chemical and physical processes. Flame cutting may be used for materials, the ignition temperature of which is under their melting temperature (e.g. all low-alloyed structural steels, case-hardened and heat-treated steels as well as most of the wear-resistant steels).

The cutting point is brought to the ignition temperature by means of a heating flame. Afterwards, oxygen is blown onto the pre-heated point so that the material burns up in the cutting oxygen beam and is blown out of the emerging kerf.

Flame Cutting

(3) Autogenous flame cutting machines produce
in a cost-effective way with minimum tolerances
(4) Effective, precise weld preparation for diverse forms of welds (e.g. single Vee, double-bevel groove weld, single Vee groove with broad root face)
(5) Continuously pivoted bevel unit for manufacturing of bevels on contour parts or on inside contours, e.g. preparation of double-bevel groove weld on radii
(6) Blank of sheet of 460 mm with bevelled inside contour
(7) Blank with inside contour, annealed at an angle of 15°
(8) Weld preparation on rectangular blanks

Flame Cutting